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Test Your Traffic With Us! Converts On "Woodworking", "DIY", "Survivalist", "Green Energy" Traffic!

75% Commissions - 9% Cold Conversions - Total $90 Per Sale!

Are you looking for BIG affiliate paychecks? With a total of $90 per sale and 1 in 10 conversions, there is no wonder why super affiliates are loving us.

Our newly updated graphics and copy has seen a 120% improvement in EPCs! That means more commissions for you when you promote us.

We are strong believers of split-testing.

We do it continuously plus constantly adding value to our product with monthly updates. 

That means easier sales and lower refunds for you - which means you get to earn more commissions and KEEP it!

ryan shed plans affiliate payouts

Our initial tests on the Clickbank marketplace has converted as high as 9.6%! 

That's nearly 1 in every 10 targeted visitors buying.

One of our affiliate earned a whooping $12,500 from 1 mailing to his list!

This product works very well with traffic from the "survivalist", "green energy" and the "woodworking" niche...

Here's How To Get Start Earning Commissions Fast:

Our affiliate program is FREE to join. You can instantly generate an on going stream of income without any cost or obligation on your part.

Requirement: You must have a ClickBank account. If you don't have one, you can sign up for a Clickbank account for free.

Once you have a Clickbank account, you'll get a Clickbank "ID"/"nickname". That is all you need to begin.

Your Affiliate Hoplink:


Replace 'XXXXX' with your ClickBank nickname.
Eg: If your clickbank nickname is tedsplans, then your link would be https://www.myshedplans.com/cb?cb=tedsplans

Everything is setup for you. You only need to send traffic to that URL. The sales letter, order fulfillment, and support is all handled by me. You only need to send traffic and collect your payment.

Custom Landers For Advanced Affiliates

Our main affiliate link converts the HIGHEST so in most situations, use the main link.

However, we've setup several custom landers for affiliates who have specific requirements for PPC/CPA networks.

NEW Facebook & Adwords Compliant Page! (no exit pop up, no autoplay):


Free Shed Plans Opt-in Lander:

Landing Page with NO Exit Pop ups & No Autoplay:

Replace xxxxx with your actual Clickbank ID.
Eg: If your ID is promotion0, the link will look like this:

CONTACT SUPPORT if you need custom landers to free plans and content

Why Should I Become Your Affiliate?

Great question!

The quick answer is that, in difference to most other online merchants, we actually understand what's required to make a living as an affiliate, we have done it successfully ourselves for many years.

Based on both good and not so good experiences with hundreds of different online merchants we have the understanding and skills required to be entrusted to convert your visitors to sales.

We truly know that every visitor counts and if we don't convert your traffic to sales you will take your business elsewhere. Here are 6 big reasons:

Highest converting site design and sales copy written by top copywriters

We boast one of the highest converting salespage in our industry. Send some traffic and see why super affiliates are loving us!

Constantly INCREASING Conversions (Currently at 9.2%)

Your conversions will keep soaring overtime, due to our split-tests and multi-variate tests done by our conversion optimization gurus which means even MORE money for you.

Quality Product - Low Refunds

Customers love our wide range of shed plans – backed up with an almost 24/7 support team. That means lower refunds and you get to keep your commissions. Our refund rate is less than 3%!

We pay 75% across the entire funnel (including all upsells/downsells)

Unlike other vendors, we offer 75% across all upsells and downsells. That gives you a total potential of $103 per sale!

Follow Up Emails Gives You Credit

We’ll follow up with your visitor over and over again until the sale is made. You will get all commissions from any email follow ups.

Competitive Pricing Strategy

We maximum your opportunity for more commissions via upsells and OTOs. There is always a point where maximum price meets sales volume. We are confident we have found the perfect price point and can therefore pass an incredible 75% in commission on to you.

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