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The shed plan opt-in page is perfect for affiliates who want to offer giveaways.

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Banners and Graphics

Here are some banners and images you can use to help promote MyShedPlans...

To make it easy for you we have provided a complete individual html code under each banner of your choice. Simply copy the banner/html code under the chosen banner and just copy it straight into your Notepad where you will need to replace 'xxxxx' with your ClickBank ID.

Ryan Shed Plans Banner
Ryan Shed Plans Banner
Ryan Shed Plans Banner
Ryan Shed Plans Banner
Ryan Shed Plans Banner
Ryan Shed Plans Banner
Ryan Shed Plans Banner
Ryan Shed Plans Banner
Ryan Shed Plans Banner
Ryan Shed Plans Banner
Ryan Shed Plans Banner

Product Images:

Here are product images you can use on your site. You can either save them or hotlink to these images.

Ryan Shed Plans Banner
Ryan Shed Plans Banner
Ryan Shed Plans Banner

Shed Images You Can Use On Your Site:

You can download and save these images to use on your websites/blogs to promote MyShedPlans. These images work great when combined with our banners.

Shed Plans
Shed Plans
Shed Plans
Shed Plans
Shed Plans
Shed Plans

Pay Per Click Keywords:

If you're looking for a list of keywords you can use to start promoting, I'm offering you an extensive keyword list to help get you started right away - no need to waste your precious time doing keyword research.

These are researched through various keyword tools and they are proven high conversion keywords.

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Articles You Can Use:

This is a presell articles and some general article packs that you can download to use if you're promoting MyShedPlans. You can use the articles in your blog or any affiliate webpage.

Right click to download these zip files. There are several articles in each zip package.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember to REWRITE these articles for uniqueness. Do not copy and paste these articles wholesale as Google will not rank duplicate content.

Rebrandable PDF:

Now you can download and distribute our free shed plan PDF on your site/blog with your OWN AFFILIATE LINKS in the PDF itself. You can use it as giveaways in your email or simply as free content.

If you've not already seen our PDF giveaway, here is the link to our original PDF - Right Click Here To Download (note, this is NOT the rebranded version)

After you've rebranded the PDF, your affiliate links will appear in the PDF. That means that you will get all the commissions when you distribute your personalized PDF with your affiliate links in it.

Sound great? Get started below:

Email Swipes:

If you have your own opt-in mailing list/newsletter, sending a solo email to your subscriber's list can yield tremendous results very quickly.

How does one build an opt-in list? Well, there are many subtle ways and more straightforward methods to build a decent list of loyal subscribers that converts well. First you have to get an autoresponder. For a high quality autoresponder that we use, we recommend Getresponse.

You can offer a free plan in exchange for their name and email. The visitor opts in and subscribes, and you can market via email over and over again

Here are some sample email templates you can use to promote.

Click on the link to expand:


subject: [firstname]], grab 12,000 shed plans inside... (open now)
subject: get access to 12,000 shed plans inside...
subject: Build sheds easily with this collection of 12,000 plans
subject: How to build sheds like lego bricks...



Hey there,If you enjoy building sheds like I do, here's a great site for you to download shed plans

Get access to 12,000 shed plans >> (aff link)

Plans So Complete, They Build Themselves!

Ryan is giving away over 12,000 step-by-step and easy to build shed plans...with instructions so precise, they practically BUILD THEMSELVES!

It is simply one amazing collection with the largest amount of shed plans I've ever come across...

Download over *12,000* fully detailed shed plans and start building your next shed easily and quickly

But you got to act fast because this is a time sensitive offer.

I've been told by Ryan that his special launch price will end in the next few days.

If you want to build sheds the EASIER and FASTER way, than I urge you to get in while the offer is still available.

Your Name

P.S. If you've any interest in shed building, you owe it to yourself to visit his site. You'll get tons of inspiration simply looking at just a couple of his designs!

Get access to 12,000 shed plans


subject: Check out these super sheds
subjects: 4 super sheds you can build right now...


Hey, its (your name),

Yesterday, I sent you a link to MyShedPlans, so I just wanted to check in with you and see if you had a chance to go through it yet...

One of the reasons why I love Ryan's offer is the fact that it makes building sheds as easy as "lego bricks"

In other words...

You'll never need to worry about cutting the wrong size, spin in circles or waste time trying to figure out what goes where...

With Ryan's detailed shed plans, it makes building sheds a breeze - just like putting lego bricks together!

Check out these sheds you can build in a weekend or less:

Doesn't these look amazing?

If you'd like some help doing this yourself, I'd recommend checking out MyShedPlans 12,000 plans package

You'll be able to create the kind of shed, your neighbors and other woodworkers will secretly ENVY (while mumbling “nice job” under their breath)...

See what I mean here

If you're really serious about building sheds without the overwhelm, confusion and frustration, then this is your ideal first step.

Ryan's plans covers every single thing you need to build an impressive new shed that will get the awe and respect of the most seasoned woodworker.

But you have to see them to appreciate what he has put together for you.

Click here to access 12,000 shed plans now

This low price is only for a limited marketing test, so it won't be available for much longer.

If you're even the slightest bit interested, I would grab it now while you still can and while it's still fresh in your mind.

See you on the inside!



subject: Last chance? Don't miss this out...[[firstname]]

Yesterday, I share with you a link to 12,000 shed plans you can download immediately

Now if you really want to build amazing sheds easily and quickly (and I'm guessing you do), then this is the only resource you'll need.

It's time to stop letting home improvement stores rip you off with OVER-PRICED kits and time to start taking matters into your own hands...

Click here to access 12,000 shed plans now

UPDATE: Ryan has also informed me that orders are coming in thick and fast so the offer price will end at midnight tonight.

The Offer: Ends MIDNIGHT Tonight

Regular price: $97
Special price: $37

Don't miss out on this because Ryan will bump his 12,000 shed plans package to the price of $97 tomorrow.

This is probably your LAST chance to get in at the discount.

Get started right now

Your Name

P.S: I've used Ryan's plans to build my own 10x12 storage shed last week for my family..

It is simply one amazing collection with the largest amount of shed plans I've ever come across...

>> Check out all 12,000 shed designs now <<

Get The Mega Email List For 25+ More Templates

Promote more woodworking products with this mega autoresponder series. Just plug your affiliate link in and load it up into your autoresponder

There are 25+ email promotion templates for other related products... many of these woodworking offers are not even listed in the marketplace yet!

The total commission you can potentially earn from these email series is over $530!

Download the word doc file below:

Download The Mega Autoresponder Emails

mega-autoresponder.docx - 1.28 MB

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To your affiliate success!

P.S: I am ALWAYS seeking joint venture opportunities. I believe relationships are the foundation of every good business, and I am always open to offers to do joint ventures with other merchants looking to boost their sales.

If you are interested in pursuing a joint venture with me, please send me a ticket and we'll work something out

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